To Our Families

With the Executive Order 20-20 “Stay at Home” the MN Department of Health has given the following guidelines regarding funerals and funeral homes:

Individuals may leave home to attend funerals, whether at a place of worship, funeral home, burial site, or other similar location, provided that the gathering consists of no more than 10 attendees. The space utilized must allow for social distancing (six feet spacing between people). Venues should make accommodations for remote attendance, if possible, for others. Individuals who are at high risk from COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to attend remotely.

Funeral homes are authorized to meet with families to make arrangements for final disposition, but should do so by telephone or remotely when possible. If funeral homes must meet with families, they should do so provided they practice social distancing consistent with the Department of Health and CDC guidance.

Having to set limits at a time when you have lost someone is not easy. Please know that everyone at Simonet Funeral Home is committed to helping families and communities during these difficult times.  We will do everything to accommodate people’s needs while following the MN Department of Health’s guidelines.